Below you will find the answers to common industry-related questions. If you have any additional questions, or would like further information, please contact our office today.

    What service is required for my grease trap?

    You will need to have it pumped regularly. We provide grease trap pumping for both interior and exterior traps.

    How do I avoid continual backups in my sewer lines?

    If your lines are getting clogged and backing up, you need to have them cleaned out using our High-Pressure Jetting service.

    Do floor drains need service?

    Yes. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

    Can you service interior grease traps at large food courts, stadiums, and other complexes?

    We have state-of-the-art portable/mobile equipment for interior grease traps that we use for precisely those service calls.

    Can you remove our used cooking oil?

    Yes, we provide you with containers and pick them up on a regular schedule. When scheduling service, ask for our Cooking Waste Oil Service.

    Can you service major franchise facilities and store facilities?

    Yes, we provide grease and septic service to convenience stores and chain stores in our service area.

    Can you remind me when service is needed?

    Yes, we can and we do as part of our scheduled maintenance programs.

    Do you service customers who have a need for large volume waste disposal?

    We provide service to a large number of customers who need what we call Bulk/Volume Liquid Waste Pumping, Transporting & Disposal Service.

    Do you provide service to food processing facilities, bakeries, canning factories and packing plants?

    We provide all of the above with Liquid Waste Pumping, Transporting & Disposal Service.

    Do you provide wastewater service for commercial washing facilities?

    Yes, we provide Residual Wash Water Service to automobile dealerships and car wash facilities.

    What about services for shopping centers?

    We provide Non-Hazardous Waste Water Services to shopping centers and malls.

    Do you service learning and/or care establishments (schools, nursing facilities, day care centers)?

    Yes, we provide wastewater removal for schools, day care centers, nursing and hospital facilities with a four state service area.

    Do you provide storage equipment for liquid waste and dry storage needs?

    We have Frac Tank Liquid Storage Units as well as portable storage containers that we rent and service.

    Can you provide service to on-site sewage treatment plants?

    We provide sludge pumping, transporting and disposal service to sewage treatment plants.

    Is McGovern capable of providing auxiliary/emergency service while sewer mains are being repaired or replaced?

    Yes, we have the capacity, capability and equipment to provide emergency by-pass pumping, transporting and disposal service.

    Do you provide service to Lift Pump Stations?

    Yes. We provide Sewage Pump Station Pumping and High Pressure Jetting Service.

    Are you equipped to physically enter sewage tanks to carry out inspections and effect repairs?

    We have highly-trained, confined space entry personnel on staff.

    Do you service public sewer manholes?

    Yes, we offer municipal/public sewer manhole pumping and cleaning.

    Do you provide temporary restroom facilities to contractors, for special events, wedding, parties, etc.?

    Yes, we provide portable restroom facilities and holding tanks as well as fresh & waste water equipment.

    Can you assist in soil remediation and removal?

    McGovern provides environmental excavating, transporting, and disposal services to customers in four states.

    Do you provide cleanup service for liquid waste spills?

    We offer septic system maintenance/service programs that can give you peace of mind, including: non-hazardous liquid waste pumping, transporting, and disposal.

    Do you provide service for underground sewage tanks?

    Yes, we provide cleaning and repair service as well as tank replacement.

    Can you remove silt from a pond?

    We provide lagoon and pond excavating, dredging, repairing and cleaning service.