residential septic


McGovern has been providing residential septic systems services since the 1970s, including testing, installation, pumping, maintenance, system evaluation and repair service. Whatever your system needs, you can rely on McGovern to provide the best solutions.

Maintenance/Service Programs

Routine maintenance and service are essential to keeping your septic system working efficiently. Being proactive with your system allows you to stay ahead of any minor repairs before they become major issues. Allow us to recommend a maintenance schedule based on the condition of your system. We also offer an automatic reminder program at no extra cost or obligation to you.

On-Site Evaluation

Concerned about how your septic system is functioning? We can provide an overview of your septic, including its status and functionality. Upon completion of our evaluation, our technician will advise you of our findings and make any necessary recommendations.

Pressure Jetting/Hydro Line Jetting

Have you ever had a sewer line back up into your house? This devastating and seriously damaging event is caused by a build up in your pipes, or old/bad pipes. With our jetting equipment, we send a high-pressure stream of water through the sewer line to force the clog out, without creating any additional damage. Hydro line jetting is available for both exterior and interior line cleaning.

Septic System Layout, Design, Permits & Installations

New septic systems require planning and permit acquisitions, as well as new layouts and designs. In addition to installing new systems, we are experts in assisting homeowners with planning for their new system.

Septic System Locating

With the passage of time and overgrown grass, there are some instances where tank lids are not easy to find – especially if you are not the original homeowner. Our team will help you locate your hidden septic system.

Septic Tank & Cesspool Pumping

Pumping a septic tank should only be done through the main manhole access. Our qualified service technicians will check the interior condition of the tank and all baffles while pumping the tank. The liquid level of the tank will also be observed for any infiltration or run back from the tank's outlet line during the service.

System Repairs, Modifications, Enhancements, Alterations

Older systems may require more repairs than newer ones, or additional modifications to bring it up to code. Our team of septic professionals will evaluate your system and run the tests needed to optimize your septic.